Blog Tutorial: Advanced: Password-Protecting Posts

As we all know, blogs are made to share our thoughts to the whole world. However, some of our posts might be too private for everyone to see, and we want to limit the readers to our closest friends. This is where the password-protected posts come in.

You can protect your posts from eyes of people who you don’t know very well on the “Write Post” or “Manage Posts” sections of your blog. You can begin by typing in your entry as in a regular blog. Once you’re done, you can set the password by entering the word you want on the “Post Password” area (see the highlighted area of the image). Publish it. When you view your blog, what should appear should not be the entry, but a bar asking for the password from the viewer.


Be sure to tell your friends what your password is, or else they won’t be able to read what you wrote!


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