May Downloads and Freebies Now Available on SanrioTown!

Hi everyone! May freebies are now available for your downloading pleasure.


Aside from these wallpapers, you can also avail of MSN skins and emoticons, desktop icons, screensavers, and so much more that you can use to proclaim your love for Hello Kitty and Sanrio on your computer.

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, there are four new avatars that you can use on the forums. U*SA*HA*NA, Shinkansen, and two Pekkle animated images join the roster of cute pictures that users can add to their posts as their trademark.

You can enjoy all these simply by signing in to SanrioTown.


2 Responses to “May Downloads and Freebies Now Available on SanrioTown!”

  1. Zarah Zabala Says:

    I’m really a hello kitty fan for 20 years

  2. mikela Says:

    i’m a hello kitty fan, I used to download all the msn icons from but unfortunatelly I had a problem with my pc and I had to fix it, and I lost all my msn icons and wallpapers from this year 2007, if someone who is as fanatic as me, could help me, sending me the icons. I would really apreciatte. I only have the icons from this month :(.

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