June Downloads Now Available!

Hi everyone! The freebies for the month of June are already up, so do go on to the Downloads section to check these out!

June Downloads

These are just some of the cute and fun stuff you can get at the SanrioTown section for free. All you have to do is get a SanrioTown account and you can begin downloading these freebies. Don’t worry: signing up is absolutely free, and downloading is just one of the many fun things you can do on SanrioTown.

We hope you’ll like these new stuff!


Blog Tutorial: Advanced: Changing Your Blog Title

Blogs are meant for us to show the world who we are, what we’re interested in, and just about anything and everything that we have something to say something about. What better way for us to tell our readers what our journal focuses on by telling them right off the bat what it’s all about – through our personalized blog titles! By default, the title of every SanrioTown Blog is “My Blog.” However, as was said already, you can change it to make it your very own, and to tell the readers what it’s all about. To do so, sign in to your SanrioTown account and then go to your blog. Click on options and you should be able to see something similar to the image below.

Changing Your Blog Title

You’ll see that the Weblog Title is “My Blog.” Change this to whatever title you want to call your blog. Be creative! The more unique, the better, because a good title is usually what draws people to view your blog the first time.

A special bonus: you can add a short description that will appear right below your blog title to add even more interest to your journal. All you have to do is enter it on the “Tagline” space. Again, make it creative and interesting. A good tagline would be something that describes your blog in a nutshell but at the same time makes a person interested to check out the contents of that journal.

Click on “Update Options” to save your changes. Congratulations! You’ve just personalized your blog name!

Blog of the Week!

Just when you think you can’t find everything in a blog, along comes one that actually has all of the things you want – and more!

Pink Spunk

The author, mfly_88, is a self-confessed happy person whose approach in life is carried over in her blog, xoxo=Pink Spunk=xoxo . Her posts are all varied and interesting, making the reader come back for more of her writings.

Aside from her “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ” entries (she admits to be into “Haruiism”), she also created different categories for her entries: anime, fashion, music (she uploads mp3s on her blogs), fun quizzes,  videos, Hello Kitty, and Sanrio. Her posts aren’t impersonal narrations about the stuff she’s featuring, but are a commentary on what she thinks of these, so you get to know more about that person, as well as on what she’s talking about. Adding to that are her promised entries on her travels. She even has a wishlist of the items she wants to have, including Hello Kitty electric fans.:D

You can view her blog by clicking on the image or the blog name.

DreamStudio Video of the Week!

It’s really quite rainy here right now, and this week’s featured video is quite perfect for the weather – or for any other, for that matter.:p

The pick this week is shazhu_rain’s stray birds video, a very beautiful video that combines poetry and imagery to create a stunning effect. The text is dramatic but is offset (in a good way) by the colorful images that go along with it, adding flavor to the already meaningful content of the video. The music used further adds a lighter tone to it, making the viewer appreciate it because of the different levels of emotions it evokes.

To view the “Stray Birds” video, click here.

Focus on: XO Cave Adventure

XO Cave Adventure is the latest in the arsenal of games that can be played in SanrioTown.  Being the adventurous little penguin that Badtz Maru is, he goes on an Antarctic cave exploration trip, and it’s up to you to guide him through it! 

XO Cave Adventure Welcome


Aside from the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites, some creepy-crawly creatures are also in the way to keep XO from having a smooth flight. Not to worry though, XO has his weapon of choice: his handy flashlight! Left-click to  turn it on and make the cave dwellers disappear.

XO Cave Adventure flashlight

Badtz Maru can have a maximum of three flashlights, and can replenish his supply by collecting the ones on his way. Aside from these, he can also collect hearts (a maximum of five), which indicates the number of times he can be hit. There are also stars that boost a player’s score by 100 points for each one collected.

XO Cave Adventure

The game is action/adventure, something that people of all ages would just love to play. Guiding a flying Badtz Maru who wears a red cape is a special bonus as well.:D

Blog Schedule This Week

Hi everyone! This is the schedule for SanrioTown‘s main blog this week: Tuesday: “XO’s Cave Adventure” Game is our featured game

Wednesday: User-created Blog and Video of the Week

Thursday: Blog Tutorial on How To Change Your Blog Title

Friday: Dokidoki Yummychums is going to be featured Sanrio character this week.

Stay tuned for these entries!

All About: Deery Lou

Birthday: January 8

Year Created: 2002

Deery Lou is a cheerful fawn that lives in Rainbow Forest. How can you tell if he’s happy? Simple, just look at his wagging tail and you’ll know. He loves hanging out with his three best friends.

Friends of Deery Lou

Blue Small Bird: This cute little thing brings happiness wherever he goes in Rainbow Forest.


Red Mushroom: Red mushroom is very playful and is very close to Deery Lou.


Small Mushroom: Although he is paranoid, he has nothing to fear when Deery Lou’s with him.