Play MaBellelife — "Love Berries" Puzzle Game and Win Amazing Jewelries!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, play games and win exciting prizes to express your boundless love now!

Sanriotown presents “Love Berries” Puzzle Game, an all-new Flash game proudly sponsored by Hong Kong’s renowned online fashion diamond jewelry store From now till May 23, 2007, top 25 players with the highest scores will win exciting prizes – include diamond jewelries and great coupons from MaBelleLife. Don’t miss the chance to reward yourself or pamper your loved one.


Play the game to win MaBelle /’s latest Mother’s Day “Love Berries” Diamond Jewelry Collection!

Wide selection of Mother’s Day Wallpapers available for download!

Download Wallpaper

We also provide a number of Mother’s day e-cards for you to express your love to your mom and your dearest friends. Send your message from the heart now!

Send e-card

You can read the Terms and Conditions of the contest by visiting this site.


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