Blog Tutorial: Advanced: Digg and

Anyone ever wondered what these buttons are doing on the SanrioTown blogs?

Wonder no more! Today’s tutorial will discuss what these do, and how they help bring people to your blog.

Digg and are actually two websites that keep track of blog and blog entries. These are actually a bit like Technorati, in that these potentially could increase the number of visitors going to your blog. The difference between these two is that Digg notes specific blog entries while tracks down the whole blogs.

How do you use these? First of all, you have to have an account for these two sites. Don’t worry, registration is free, so there’s no need to fret about whether or not you have to pay to enjoy these features.

Digg reads the posts that you, well, digg as news articles, and that’s how it classifies them under. You can also create a short description of that blog entry there, as well as assign it under the categories that can be found on the site. Digg then automatically saves it on their system, and if users find your post interesting, they’ll also digg it. Keep in mind: most of the highly dugg entries are good ones, so be sure to make your posts as interesting and as informative if you want these to have high rankings., on the other hand, installs a toolbar on your Internet browser, so if you find an interesting blog entry that you really like, you can add it to the site’s system simply by clicking on the button.

We hope that helped!


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