Focus on: XO Cave Adventure

XO Cave Adventure is the latest in the arsenal of games that can be played in SanrioTown.  Being the adventurous little penguin that Badtz Maru is, he goes on an Antarctic cave exploration trip, and it’s up to you to guide him through it! 

XO Cave Adventure Welcome


Aside from the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites, some creepy-crawly creatures are also in the way to keep XO from having a smooth flight. Not to worry though, XO has his weapon of choice: his handy flashlight! Left-click to  turn it on and make the cave dwellers disappear.

XO Cave Adventure flashlight

Badtz Maru can have a maximum of three flashlights, and can replenish his supply by collecting the ones on his way. Aside from these, he can also collect hearts (a maximum of five), which indicates the number of times he can be hit. There are also stars that boost a player’s score by 100 points for each one collected.

XO Cave Adventure

The game is action/adventure, something that people of all ages would just love to play. Guiding a flying Badtz Maru who wears a red cape is a special bonus as well.:D


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