All About: Dokidoki Yummychums

Dokidoki Yummychums

Welcome to the unique world of the DokiDoki Yummychums!

Dokidoki Burger: The unofficial leader of the friends. He always has a big smile and is everyone’s favorite burger.

Dokidoki Shake: This vanilla shake is one of the four brothers, the others being strawberry, chocolate, and banana. He loves to play. Whenever he gets happy, he ends up spilling some of his contents. Dokidoki Fries: This little girl with the cute, large eyes is everyone’s idol! She’s sometimes so enthusiastic that she calls out to just about everyone she knows.Dokidoki Chicken Chums: He is great friends with babies, being new born himself. He is hyper, always jumping and bouncing around. His teeth are just starting to grow.

Other Dokidoki Yummychums Characters

Dokidoki Hotdog

Dokidoki Hotdog

Doki Chili Pepper Trio

The Chili Pepper Trio

Dokidoki Yummychums

The rest of the gang


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