Make Blogging Easier with these Blogging Tools

Hi everyone! Ishida, one of the SanrioTown moderators, posted an entry on blogging tools, and we decided to share the information here to make it easier for all you SanrioTown bloggers. Check out his blog for more information on this.


Blogging tools are software that allows you to post into your blog without the need for logging in to them. These are especially useful if you juggle with multiple blogs and don’t have the time to login on all of them at the same time.

Below are the tools that Ishida recommended:

flock 1. Flock (for Windows/Linux/Mac) – The social browser. Flock is actually Mozilla Firefox under the hood, but the difference is that it incorporates it with easy access tools such as logging in and managing Photobucket and Flickr. Its other major feature is the ability to access blog accounts online that enables the user to post without having to login to the actual account. Download Flock here.

livewriter 2. Windows Live Writer (for Windows only) – Microsoft’s own entry and attempt to grab a share of the blogging market. It automatically integrates itself into Internet Explorer which is a nice feature. Originally intended for Windows Live Space users, they decided to make this available for many (if not all) blog accounts.One thing is that you have to install Microsoft’s proprietary “dotnet framework” files for it to work. You can download Windows Live Writer here and the necessary dotnet framework files here. You have to install the dotnet framework files first before you install Live Writer.

qumana 3. Qumana (for Windows/Mac) – A free blog editor that’s based on simplicity and ease of use. It’s got the same full-featured functionality that Windows Live Writer has but is lighter on disk space. However, Qumana being JAVA-based, you may need to download the latest JAVA files for it to run. You can download Qumana here. If it requires you to download JAVA files for it to run, you can get the JAVA runtime environment here.

scribefire 4. Scribefire plugin for Firefox (for Windows/Linux/Mac) – For those of you who don’t want to install anything, consider using Scribefire, a simple plugin that allows you to post to your blogs within Firefox. Its got the basic features but only has limited support to some blogs. You can download Scribefire here.


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