Focus on: Badtz Maru Runner

Looks like Badtz-Maru is in trouble again, and this time with his pet crocodile, Pochi!

Xo Runner Home

Keep the little guy from taking a bite out of our mischievous penguin by giving the exact same number that floating above him. Use the left or right arrow keys to find the right digit and then the down button to knock out Pochi.

XO Runner Pochi

Be careful, though, because the little crocodile brought a lot of reinforcements: a whole army of Pochis! Hana Maru also appears from time to time (everytime the eliminated numbers come up with a sum that’s divisible by 10, to be exact). His appearance would be helping XO, though: if the number he’s holding is matched, all the other Pochis on the screen will also be knocked off too.

XO Runner Thinking

There are 16 Pochis per level, the succession of appearances becoming increasingly faster as the game progresses. Getting Pochi will give you 10 marks, while Hana Maru makes you gain the same, plus 50 bonus points.

Play this game and find many other fun ones at SanrioTown.


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