All About: FroolieMew


Name: Mew

Birthday: May 24

Frooliemew is a girl kitten that is so tiny that she fits right in the palm of your hand. She is very light, similar to a little pink, fluffy cloud. Aside from her pretty fur, she also has big round eyes any curly lashes. She lives with her renowned international supermodel owner in a lovely the Seine river in Paris. She adores her owner and takes after her – Mew just loves to dress up! She even pretends to be a model herself as she playfully prances on the catwalk, of course, wearing her favorite polka-dot bow. She loves blueberry scones straight from the oven and royal milk tea – with lots of honey, please!


One Response to “All About: FroolieMew”

  1. Lesley W Ketchie Says:

    I purchased a Frooliemew pillow from a Sanrio store in Nashville, TN. It was only her face, not her body. My daughter has had her since birth, and she is now 5. She recentley lost “Baby” and I really want to find another one. Can anyone tell me where I can buy it?


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