Change in Schedule!

Hi everyone! Starting this week, we’ll be having a slightly different schedule on what we’ll be featuring. Tutorials will now be centered on Ishida’s FAQ Blog, although some may be carried over to this blog from time to time. With that said, here’s our new blog schedule.

Tuesday: Step out of your vacation mode and bring your math skills to the table! We’ll be featuring SanrioTown’s Sudoku game.

Wednesday: The Blog All-Stars will have another addition to its fast-growing list, as a new one will be chosen to be featured!

Thursday: Which video will be given a thumbs-up? Find out this Thursday when we reveal the video of the week!

Friday: Do you know who or what the Gentle Bears are? Check out the SanrioTown blog this Friday and find out!


One Response to “Change in Schedule!”

  1. roberta Says:

    A Abril fez um Especial sobre a Hello Kitty. Tem de tudo lá! As curiosidades sobre a gatinha são impagáveis— tem desde o nome verdadeiro dela até detalhes de sua vida amorosa! O link é:

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