Dream Studio Video of the Week!

These past years, Sanrio has been creating characters that go against the stereotypical cuteness. Among these are Badtz Maru, Lloromannic, the newly-created Devil Hello Kitty. While not precisely bad, these are the ones that have a touch of naughtiness in them that appeals to a lot of people who sometimes gets tired of too much sweetness. One of the most popular characters following this trend is My Melody’s nemesis Kuromi, of which this week’s selected video is focused on.
For those who don’t know who Kuromi is, she’s a little white girl rabbit who’s perpetually wearing a black jester hat with a pink skull design. She considers My Melody as her rival, even if the other one considers her as a friend. These days, Kuromi’s popularity is rapidly increasing, making her a huge favorite among a lot of people. This week’s featured video, “Kuromi in Paris,” is proof of her fame.
As what the title says, candi (the creator of the video) placed Kuromi in various scenic spots of the known “city of love.” What makes the video really interesting (and funny) is that the pictures used by her complemented each other, making it look as though cute Kuromi was actually enjoying the sites of Paris.
Watch the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/05b4dfb78a9ca718.


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