All About: The Ginga Chibiko Gang

Ginga Chibiko Gang

Year Created: 1977

When you hear the word “gang,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Chances are, an image of a group of black trenchcoat-clad men wearing dark shades and looking mean and dangerous would pop in your head.

The Ginga Chibiko gang however, are anything but mean and dangerous (although one does seem to be sporting a pair of dark shades). Just look at their group name, which roughly translates to “Milky Way Tiny gang,” and you’ll know that they’re not troublemakers. They’re five ladybugs who are always busy doing something, whether it be having fun or driving around in their lemon and cherry minicars. All of them live together in a grape condo.

The Ginga Chibiko Gang originally debuted in “A Present from Button Nose,” a picture book featuring (who else?) Button Nose. They are also regularly featured in the “15th Avenue” section of the Strawberry News.


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