Blog of the Week!

Photoblogs are a kind of online journals that mean exactly what they’re called: they’re blogs that feature a photo for almost every entry, with a corresponding decription or narration on why the picture has been posted.

Through These Eyes, owned and maintained by girlinblue, is an example of a photoblog, and the cool thing about it is that most photos are actually taken by the owner. There are no photographs of people – instead, nature shots can be seen, from a beautiful sunrise to a colorful sunset, from wildlife to trees and plants, there are a lot of very interesting pictures that one can find there.

Through These Eyes

Photographs aren’t the only things you can find in the blog, though: stories accompany each picture. If the shots are taken by her, she’ll tell the story behind the images. If the photos aren’t hers, she’ll explain why she chose these to be featured. Occasionally, she’d insert tips on how to take good pictures – something that aspiring photographers would be interested in.

To check her pictures and her blog out, you can go to


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