Coro Coro Volleyball: A New Game on SanrioTown!

Get set, SanrioTown gaming fans! There’s a new flash game you can play with, and it features none other than your favorite flower hat-wearing squirrel, and his mate! That’s right, this latest addition to the roster features Coro Coro Kuririn and Sakura playing their own version of volleyball!

Coro Coro Volleyball

SanrioTown members can choose either the one player- or two player-mode. In the former, they get to be Kuririn playing against the computer-controlled Sakura. For the latter, a couple of friends can play as the two hamsters.

Coro Coro Volleyball

In either case, the player must keep the pineapple from falling by tossing it over to the other side of the net, er, stick. S/he can move left or right, or even jump by pressing the corresponding button. If the pineapple falls on the ground while it’s on your side, a point will automatically be given to your opponent.

Save the pineapple, win the game. Most of all, have fun playing!

Enjoy this and other fun games and features only on SanrioTown. Registration is free, so sign up today!


One Response to “Coro Coro Volleyball: A New Game on SanrioTown!”

  1. aya.... Says:

    it so kool lolz…….

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