All About: Howdy!


Year Created: 1977

Whoever said that cowboys are mean and solitary haven’t met this bear from the west. If his cheery round face and his bright eyes don’t make others warm up to him, his heart as big as the great outdoors will.

Howdy’s trademark is his bright red bowtie, as well as his legendary ability to make people feel all warm and fuzzy, bordering on being magical.


Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Have you ever thought of combining Sanrio, a great source of cuteness, with other adorable items? denisenubla certainly did, and it’s her work that we chose as this week’s Dream Studio video of the week at SanrioTown!

Kawaii Stuff is a video that is all about cuteness. Not only does it feature fun (and sometimes yummy!) things like ice cream, candies, stationery, and stickers, but it also has favorite and well-loved Sanrio characters appearing with these items, sometimes even posing with these in their cameo appearances.

As you watch the video, cool background music also plays, as though you’re really watching a music video.

You can watch this and other cool videos by going to

Blog of the Week!

People go in and out of SanrioTown every day, all of whom are definitely huge fans of Sanrio, no matter which character they like the most. However, there will always be the trademark that the company has, the icon that they’re most known (and loved) for: Hello Kitty! This week’s featured blog is definitely a Hello Kitty fan. Chryssy’s Kitty Maniais most definitely an online journal of a Kitty lover. From making petitions and community groups for Hello Kitty, to posting her favorite items with the white kitten’s face emblazoned on it, to online dolls, to software, she really goes all out for her favorite character!

Aside from entries featuring Kitty, she also has a bunch of other cute entries, such as those about scrapbooking, pets (both virtual and actual ones!), and online games.

Chryssy's Kitty Mania

An interesting thing about chryssy is that she’s middle-aged and still a great fan of Hello Kitty, proving that love for this little white cat goes beyond age and is an epitome for perpetual youth and fun.

Know more about her blog by going to

Focus on: Pochacco Crazy Marbles

< of out him get to you needs he and sides, all from Pochacco on in closing are Marbles .Help!>

Pochacco Crazy Marble

What you need to do is to get at least three consecutive marbles of the same color together. You can grab the top one (or ones, if they’re of the same color) and then throw it to whichever vent you want it to go to. Select which side you’re going to take a marble from using the arrow keys. You can release it by again pressing which directional button you want it to go to. The marbles won’t wait for you, though, because these will continue to keep coming at Pochacco until they reach him; at which point, the game ends.

Pochacco Crazy Marbles

There are special marbles that will aid you and Pochacco, and these can be easily seen, as they look slightly different from the normal ones. Activate these by again placing them with at least two other marbles of the same color. Depending on the marble that you get, any one of these might happen: all marbles will be cleared, marbles from that row will automatically disappear, or the marbles will stop moving for a few moments.

Pochacco Crazy Marbles

Play this and other fun games at! Registration is free, so sign up now!

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All About: Hoshinowaguma


Year Created: 2002

Birthday: February 7

Hoshinowaguma is a little boy blue bear known for the trademark star on his forehead. He lives on a very, very small star, and his hobby is to travel to other galaxies and constellations just to visit.

His nickname is Hoshikuma, which means “star bear.”

Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Here at SanrioTown, just about everyone loves cute stuff, and what could be cuter than adorable pets? Proud masters love showing off their fluffy friends, and the best way to do it is to create an interactive presentation, complete with pictures and music.

Dogs Galore” is a great example of this. The maker, la7890, shows off her two dogs in a variety of cute pictures. They’re shown in a lot of different poses, a treat for animal lovers all over the world.Check out the video by going to