Focus on: SanrioTown Computer Desktop Themes

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? With SanrioTown’s desktop downloads, not only can you save these free items exclusively available here, you can also make use of these on your computer!

SanrioTown Wallpapers

Ranging from wallpapers to desktop icons, even web browsers, the desktop downloads will give you the chance to personalize your computer so you can show your love for Sanrio. You can even choose from an assortment of characters so you can have your favorites right on your desktop.

Little Twin Stars Browser

Check this and other fun stuff out at!


5 Responses to “Focus on: SanrioTown Computer Desktop Themes”

  1. hellokitty24 Says:

    two words. soooooo cute! ❤ i luv sanrio! everytime i see one of their stuff “i go omg how cute!”

  2. azmy Says:

    very beauty very good

  3. xoliswa Says:

    very cute i love it

  4. xoliswa Says:

    hey love the themes they are very cute i mean too cute

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