Blog of the Week!

Ribbit! Who says frogs are icky, slimy and disgusting? This week’s featured blog shows that not only can they be cute and loveable, but that they also have emotions too!

The Unauthorized Froggy Journal

The Unauthorized Froggy Journal is a blog written by a fan of Keroppi, and interestingly, the member writes from the perspective of Sanrio’s resident frog. What results are quirky and funny entries that show what goes on in the little guy’s head. The posts are many and varied, ranging from the thoughts going on in Keroppi’s head to what a frog’s life is about, from games and things featuring him and his family to his lamentations about being forgotten by his fans. The blog is really unique, not only because of its humor and its focus, but also because it gives readers a glimpse on how the little frog might actually be if he was actually real. Keroppi fans, both new and old, would certainly love to check this out, and maybe boost his confidence a bit by telling him that he’s not really forgotten and he is still loved.

Know more about this Keroppi and show your love for him by going to


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