Sanrio Town Blog of the Week!

Photographs are such amazing mementos of some of the best moments in our lives. Whenever we might feel nostalgic, we can always bring these out and reminisce about the times when we’ve taken these pictures. In these modern times, it just takes a few clicks to access these images, and with an Internet connection, one can even share these memories with people, even strangers.

Today’s featured blog is called “The Seasonal Photo Journal. The photoblog features images in virtually all entries, all of which have been taken by lenechan, who owns and maintains the blog. A lot of her pictures show really beautiful flowers of all sizes and colors. Some however, show scenes from trips she’s taken, and these make you feel as if you’ve visited the places yourself.

Seasonal Photo Journal

The photographs are amazing, and it gets you the chance to see not only the places, but also gives you a peek on who the author is.

See more of the photos at


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