Hello Kitty Snowman Plush

hello kitty snowman plushhello kitty snowman plush backhello kitty snowman plush mascot charmhello kitty snowman plush close-up

“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…”
Since we’re starting to hear this and similar songs wherever we go, it just means we’re getting close to Christmas! It’s a little more than a month before we reach the holiday season, and Sanrio’s already feeling festive. Proof is that they released a plush Hello Kitty Snowman, white in the front and pink at the back. It also has a tiny Hello Kitty mascot in the back pocket you can remove to carry along in your bag or mobile phone. Now, people who live in tropical countries can still enjoy the wonders of snow in a cute and cuddly package.

This cute plush is currently priced at 3,675 Yen in Sanrio Japan. You may visit their site for more information.

Please go to Hello Kitty World (http://blog.sanriotown.com/hellokitty_news:hellokitty.com/) for more Hello Kitty news.

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One Response to “Hello Kitty Snowman Plush”

  1. ericka Says:

    i love hello kitty. i hope that you can send me email sometimes!

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