SanrioTown Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Celebrating birthdays has got to be one of the most fun events in a person’s life. It’s that single day in each year where they get to feel even more special and good about themselves, surrounded by their family and friends. It’s really great, knowing that you’re also loved by the people you care about.

For the Sanrio fans out there, you probably know that one of your favorite characters celebrated her birthday just a few days ago. That’s right: we’re talking about Hello Kitty, and her sister too! November 1 marked the 33rd anniversary of her bringing happiness to the lives of people. A character she might be, but throughout the years, she’s been considered as a close friend by a variety of individuals.

This week’s video of the week shows Kitty and Mimmy being surrounded by their friends. Simply entitled Kitty and Mimmy’s Birthday Party,” yoshisland made her video as the title said: favorite Sanrio characters like Chococat, Badtz-Maru, My Melody, and Pochacco got together to throw a party for the twin kittens, some even bearing gifts! The video’s really fun to watch, because it created a sense of unity for the characters, by gathering them together to celebrate the birthday not only of one, but two of their own! It’s really festive and fun, something that Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans would really love.

You can watch the video by going to


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