SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Who doesn’t love random things to perk their day up? Virtual Rain definitely does, and we picked her blog because visiting her blog makes us chuckle just about every time.

Virtual Rain

V i R t U a L r A i Nis a blog that its creator/owner proudly describes as “about everything and nothing… random, light, and fun,” and it delivers just that. All its entries are humorous, and the topics varied: weird street signs, ads, and warning labels,  strange items, and peculiar (if not downright disturbing) signs and pictures. It’s a smorgasboard of all that is random, and it’s really great fun to see and read.

 Maybe that’s the reason why the blog’s icon is an umbrella: because it covers just about any topic that’s under the sun… or rain.:P

To check this blog out, visit


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