What’s New on SanrioTown

SanrioTown.com has a lot of surprises for its members this November! Cute wallpapers and calendars featuring your favorite Sanrio characters have already uploaded for your downloading enjoyment.

November Downloads

A new game has also been brought in the line-up! Called “SanrioTown Kart Madness”, this will certainly be well-loved by people who love action.

Kart Madness

A player can choose to play as Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Bad Badtz Maru, or KeroKeroKeroppi (with their own specialized, custom-made vehicles!) Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, so a person has to choose very carefully which one he wants to play as. S/he can unlock the second and third courses for each character by finishing the heat.

Kart Madness

S/he can win by finishing all three tracks for each character. Losing in just one race for one character would end the game, so better do it fast and well to earn a good score and possibly a place in the Top Five ranking.

Enjoy these and more fun stuff by going to SanrioTown.com!


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