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Hello Kitty’s appeal is such that people from all over, no matter who they are or  where they’re coming from, will feel her pull. Today’s featured blogger is a proof of this.Her moniker Okasaneko (which is also her blog name), derived from the Japanese words “okasan” (for mother) and “neko” (for cat), says a lot about her. Not only is she a Hello Kitty fan (as evidenced by her Kitty-centric entries!), but she’s also a wife and mother of two boys. This, however, isn’t what makes her stand out, since there are also moms on the site. What makes her blog special is because she uses it as her medium to pursue her advocacy for autism. This is especially personal for her, since one of her sons has autism. A lot of her entries are focused on her stories about her family and their challenges when it comes to this. She is an inspiration not only because of this, but also because of her attitude in handling the situation: being grateful of what she has in life, and continuing to push forward in faith.


You can read her inspirational stories at


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