SanrioTown Dream Studio Video of the Week!

What do you get when you cross two different, brightly-colored socks, a cow, and a camera? Watch this week’s featured Dream Studio Video of the Week and find out!

Entitled Argyle and Stitches (Ep. 01)“, this week’s featured video is an almost sure-fire away of making its viewers laugh, not only because of its actual, unique content, but also because of the promise it holds. What’s to watch out for? The video features sock puppets named Argyle and Stitches who are bent on world domination. If that’s not funny enough, throw in a magical flying cow in the mix and you’re sure to end up with mayhem! The video seems to be a silent movie and a comic combined, with the characters’ (and the narrator’s!) dialogue set in text instead of audio. Fun “silent movie” music accompanies the visuals, making it a very exciting and happy video to watch.

Since the title implies that there are more episodes to come, we can watch out for even more stories of the two socks’ adventures. Will they end up ruling the galaxy as they planned?

Watch the first episode of the series by going to


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