Blog of the Week!

When you hear “Muffled Noise”, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? a. Mess and chaos

b. Music

c. Confusion

d. This week’s featured blog on SanrioTown?

If you answered B or D, you’ve got it right. Music buffs will surely love this week’s featured blog on the Blog All-Stars. Muffled Noise is all about the beat, the sound, and the vibe. The blog owner does not discriminate nor stick to a specific kind of music: no matter what genre, performer, or band, you’ll surely find at least a tidbit of it on this journal. One day you might find her blogging about R&B, the next, boy bands (admit it: you’ve listened to one of their products and enjoyed it at least once in your life). It’s not just bare facts that she talks about on her journal though: she makes commentries on her features, so it adds to the pull of the blog to know what she thinks about the issues she brings up.

Muffled Noise

You can view the blog by going to


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