All About: Landry the Laundry Raccoon

Landry Raccoon

Year Created: 1999

Birthday: December 8

Raccoons are known for always washing their food before eating, but Landry takes this to a whole new different level! Not only does he wash what he eats, he actually washes everything he touches, and his specialty is actually washtub acrobatics! Another hobby he has is listening to music – he is a great fan of Mozart. A special feature of his is his 30-centimeter tail, with the three stripes, because it is as soft as a mink’s. He has a rubber ducky friend called Pea, who squeaks whenever his beak is squeezed.


One Response to “All About: Landry the Laundry Raccoon”

  1. sasha Says:

    i ❤ landry; my favorite character 🙂

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