February Sanrio Birthday Celebrants

Give these favorite characters one big happy birthday greeting as they celebrate their birthdays this month!

This little puppy’s birthday is on February 4!
Kuririn and Sakura, the cute hamster couple, celebrate their birthdays on the same day, on February 4. 
This little pig from the countryside of France celebrates his birthday on February 4.
Patty of the “Patty & Jimmy” duo celebrates her birthday on February 5.
The little star bear Hoshinowaguma celebrates his birthday on February 7/
Latte of the bears of Tenorikuma celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day, February 14! No wonder he has a heart on his ear!
Mocha celebrates her birthday on February 20.Milk, the youngest puppy friend of Cinnamoroll, celebrates his on February 4.
Mashumaro Nyanko, the little kitten with a sweet tooth, celebrates her birthday on February 22.
Pochacco gets to celebrate his birthday this year! This leap-year puppy turns a year older on February 29.

New Quizzes on the SanrioTown Quiz Center

Can’t get enough of online quizzes? The SanrioTown Quiz Center has added three more quizzes for your enjoyment!

SanrioTown Quiz Center

You can actually get a taste of one of the quizzes by visiting the Quiz Center even without a SanrioTown account. If you want to check out the other quizzes, sign up for a SanrioTown account now! Don’t worry, registration is free! You can also enjoy the other benefits of being part of SanrioTown, such as having your own blog, posting your videos, interacting in the forums, and downloading exclusive SanrioTown goodies.

Check it out now!

Cinnamoroll: The Movie on December 22, 2007

The much-awaited Cinnamoroll movie will be hitting the theatres this December 22!

Mocha, Chiffon, Cappuccino, Espresso, and Milk go with Cinnamoroll in this adventure of a lifetime. Join them in their quest, meeting new friends like Anna (the girl who found Cinnamoroll/Cinnamon) and discovering new places like the Forest of Pastries and Bread and the Coffee Waterfalls.

Cinnamoroll Movie

The movie is actually a double-feature film. The second is “Nezumi Monogatari: George To Gerald no Bouken“.

Nezumi Monogatari

This is the story of two mice friends named George and Gerald. How hard will it be for two little ones to go and explore the world? Watch the movie and find out!

The double-feature film will be released in Japan. To find out more about it, visit http://sanriomovie.com.

SanrioTown Quiz Center is Now Up!

Since we’ve noticed that online personality quizzes have been spreading like wildfire on the Internet (a lot of the SanrioTown members have actually caught this fever!), we decided to make ones, Sanrio-style! Check out SanrioTown‘s Quiz Center and you’ll be able to check out the latest addition to our site! Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and the Little Twin Stars will be glad to help you out in your problems and your soul-searching.

SanrioTown Quiz Center

Even without an account here, you can actually get a sample of the Quiz Center. However, you need to log in to be able to take all the tests. Currently, the available quizzes are “Finding Your Love,” “Love Pizza,” and “The Angel’s Halo.” Signing up is free, so get your SanrioTown account now!

Sanrio Stockings

The holiday fever is definitely picking up, and our featured items this week, like from last,  certainly shows that. Sanrio Japan has  released these Christmas stockings featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and the Shinkansen.

There are two kinds to choose from: the ones made to look like hard boots, which have two sets of designs.

Sanrio Stockings

They also have the traditional stockings usually hung over the fireplace or doors as decorations (or for Santa Claus to drop his present for you if you’ve been good the whole year :D).

Sanrio Stockings

To know more about this, visit Sanrio Japan’s site.

Blog of the Week!

We know that “honesty is the best policy.” This week’s featured blog takes this to heart (or its title), as it is simply called, “That is Cute.” Living up to its name, the posts are filled with a lot of cute stuff. Different adorable GIFs begin each post, which gives a reader a good start on the entries. There are a lot of Sanrio graphics that fans would love to check out, including those with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Pom Pom Purin.

It’s not just fun Sanrio stuff and animations that you should watch out for, though: books, websites, and animals are featured there as well, backing up the display with actual, meaningful content.

That is cute

You can check the blog out by going to http://blog.sanriotown.com/that_is_cute:mymelody.com/.

Blog of the Week!

As a special treat for everyone today, we’ll be featuring two blogs instead of one! One is from you, our very special SanrioTown members, and the other is an official blog that we’re sure you’ll be very excited to read on. We won’t make you read a long introduction (we know you’re pretty excited!), so let’s get on with the features!

ChezKoi's Blog

First on our list is ChezKoi’s World. The owner, Cheza, is obviously a very colorful, cheerful person, and it shows in her blog! Her entries are literally filled with color, because she uses a lot of different hues and shades on her text. Don’t think her entries are just about eye candy and nothing else, though. She’s got fun stories that are very interesting and funny as well.

Check out her blog by clicking on the image or the blog title.

Next on our list is the official SanrioTown Blog on the upcoming “Hello Kitty and Friends” 3-D animation. For those who don’t know yet, Sanrio will be coming out with a new series on some of the characters you’ve come to know and love.

The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends

“The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends 3D” blog talks about news and information about the upcoming series, and also gives fun little trivia about the stories behind the creations of the episodes.

Know more about your awaited series featuring Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Dear Daniel, Pochacco, Keroppi, and all your other favorite Sanrio friends by clicking on its image or the blog title.