All About: Little Wonder Story

Little Wonder Story

Year Created: 1985

Real Names: Ginger Brown and Shari Whitefield

Ginger is the little brown bear. He is mild-mannered but serious, and he enjoys making and building things.

Shari is the little white rabbit. She is very lively and talkative, and she loves playing along the riverbanks and exploring the forest.


All About: Just for Fun

Just for Fun

Year Created: 1985

True to their name, these bears are all about fun! Where there is joy and excitement, you’ll sure to find them there.

All About: Howdy!


Year Created: 1977

Whoever said that cowboys are mean and solitary haven’t met this bear from the west. If his cheery round face and his bright eyes don’t make others warm up to him, his heart as big as the great outdoors will.

Howdy’s trademark is his bright red bowtie, as well as his legendary ability to make people feel all warm and fuzzy, bordering on being magical.