Merry Christmas!

Hello Kitty Christmas

All of us here on SanrioTown wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! May all of you and your loved ones have a very special holiday.


SanrioTown Dream Studio Video of the Week!

It’s only five days until Christmas! Are you getting excited? We are!

During Christmas, we may ask for certain things that we would want to receive as our gifts. These usually come in the form of items: toys, gadgets, books, etc. Hajnee, however, has a different request and she expressed it in a very unique fashion: though a Dream Studio video!

All I Want for Christmas” was made by the video creator as though she was writing to Santa Claus. While she says she doesn’t want that much, at least nothing that could be gift-wrapped, she has one request, and she hopes that this will be granted come Christmas day.You can find out what her wish is by going to It’s a very cute slideshow that most of us can probably relate to, whether we admit to it or not.:D

SanrioTown Dream Studio Video of the Week!

All I want for Christmas is… a Hello Kitty goody bag?Hello Kitty fans would definitely love this week’s featured video,  because it features Christmas items featuring our favorite white cat!

 Hello Kitty Christmas Items 2007“, made by kt_sanctuary is a smorgasbord of Hello Kitty Christmas items set for release this year. Not only does it feature decors for the holiday season, it also has stuff that can be used all year round, like cups, utensils, and mobile phone decorations, all of which bear the cute face of Hello Kitty. This would be something that KT lovers would surely love to watch, and perhaps, even give people ideas on what items should be part of their wish list.

To check this video out, visit

Little Twin Stars Winter Items

Little Twin Stars Hello Kitty’s not the only one having winter and holiday fever, the Little Twin Stars are in on the fun too!

Little Twin Stars Mini-Christmas Tree 

Sanrio Japan has released a winter line devoted to our favorite twins from outer space, Kiki and Lala, better known as the Little Twin Stars. There are a lot of items to choose from: from Christmas decors to mobile phone accessories, from writing tools (pens, notebooks, and different kinds

Little Twin Stars Decor

of stationery) and clothing and accessories (slippers, dresses, nightwear, towels, etc.), to bags and mugs, and from plushes and pillows.  Of course, all of these have the twins set in a winter environ on these.

To check these items out, you can visit Sanrio Japan’s list of these items by going to

Sanrio Stockings

The holiday fever is definitely picking up, and our featured items this week, like from last,  certainly shows that. Sanrio Japan has  released these Christmas stockings featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and the Shinkansen.

There are two kinds to choose from: the ones made to look like hard boots, which have two sets of designs.

Sanrio Stockings

They also have the traditional stockings usually hung over the fireplace or doors as decorations (or for Santa Claus to drop his present for you if you’ve been good the whole year :D).

Sanrio Stockings

To know more about this, visit Sanrio Japan’s site.

Hello Kitty Snowman Plush

hello kitty snowman plushhello kitty snowman plush backhello kitty snowman plush mascot charmhello kitty snowman plush close-up

“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…”
Since we’re starting to hear this and similar songs wherever we go, it just means we’re getting close to Christmas! It’s a little more than a month before we reach the holiday season, and Sanrio’s already feeling festive. Proof is that they released a plush Hello Kitty Snowman, white in the front and pink at the back. It also has a tiny Hello Kitty mascot in the back pocket you can remove to carry along in your bag or mobile phone. Now, people who live in tropical countries can still enjoy the wonders of snow in a cute and cuddly package.

This cute plush is currently priced at 3,675 Yen in Sanrio Japan. You may visit their site for more information.

Please go to Hello Kitty World ( for more Hello Kitty news.

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