Hello Kitty and Friends 3-D Animation Premiere

People of Hong Kong, rejoice! The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends are making their debut on the TVB network tomorrow, 16 February, at 4 in the afternoon. Join Hello Kitty, Pochacco, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, Dear Daniel, My Melody and the rest of the gang as they have fun in Sanrio Town. Hurray!

By the way, more good news for Hello Kitty fans: last February 9, 2008, The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends was aired in Italy and was very well-received. Here is the show’s introduction (in Italian, of course).


February Sanrio Birthday Celebrants

Give these favorite characters one big happy birthday greeting as they celebrate their birthdays this month!

This little puppy’s birthday is on February 4!
Kuririn and Sakura, the cute hamster couple, celebrate their birthdays on the same day, on February 4. 
This little pig from the countryside of France celebrates his birthday on February 4.
Patty of the “Patty & Jimmy” duo celebrates her birthday on February 5.
The little star bear Hoshinowaguma celebrates his birthday on February 7/
Latte of the bears of Tenorikuma celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day, February 14! No wonder he has a heart on his ear!
Mocha celebrates her birthday on February 20.Milk, the youngest puppy friend of Cinnamoroll, celebrates his on February 4.
Mashumaro Nyanko, the little kitten with a sweet tooth, celebrates her birthday on February 22.
Pochacco gets to celebrate his birthday this year! This leap-year puppy turns a year older on February 29.

Focus on: Pochacco Crazy Marbles

< of out him get to you needs he and sides, all from Pochacco on in closing are Marbles .Help!>

Pochacco Crazy Marble

What you need to do is to get at least three consecutive marbles of the same color together. You can grab the top one (or ones, if they’re of the same color) and then throw it to whichever vent you want it to go to. Select which side you’re going to take a marble from using the arrow keys. You can release it by again pressing which directional button you want it to go to. The marbles won’t wait for you, though, because these will continue to keep coming at Pochacco until they reach him; at which point, the game ends.

Pochacco Crazy Marbles

There are special marbles that will aid you and Pochacco, and these can be easily seen, as they look slightly different from the normal ones. Activate these by again placing them with at least two other marbles of the same color. Depending on the marble that you get, any one of these might happen: all marbles will be cleared, marbles from that row will automatically disappear, or the marbles will stop moving for a few moments.

Pochacco Crazy Marbles

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