All About: The Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars

  Year Created: 1974 

Real Names: Kiki (the younger brother) and Lala (the older sister)

Birthday: 1974

The twins were born on Compassion Planet, in Dream Galaxy. They were really curious about life on Earth and spent time wondering about it, and so they asked their father, an inventor, and their mother, a poetess, if they could visit it, and they agreed. Saying goodbye to their friends the sun, moon, stars, and clouds, and with Lala’s star wand guiding them, they reached Earth safely and have since spread happiness to everyone they meet.

Kiki loves to fish for stars, explore new planets, and invent new things (he takes after his father!) He loves spring and summer the best, because he likes to look at fields of dandelions from his cloud-top perch.

Lala likes to cook, draw pictures, and compose poetry (she takes after her mother!) She loves autumn and winter the best (she writes to her father and mother while floating inthe clear winter sky).