Introduction to Hello Kitty Online

At last the amazing world of Hello Kitty and Friends is coming to interactive life as a massively multiplayer online game! SanrioDigital and Typhoon Games have combined Sanrio‘s much-loved characters with new eye-catching graphics and the engaging gameplay of MMORPGs. Gamers and fans finally have the opportunity to become a part of the Sanrio universe! Here is a quick preview of the game.
Set Up
First you must create a SanrioTown account. Once you have an account, download the game client and install it on your PC.

Log in to Hello Kitty Online using your SanrioTown username and password. Choose which server to play on, and the character creation process will begin. You can customize your character’s hair, hair accessories, facial features, clothes, shoes, and handheld items to set up your own original Sanrio toon. The customization options are diverse in order to ensure a well-varied game community.

Once you’ve finished customizing your character, you’re all set to take your first steps in Hello Kitty’s world.

Getting Started
You begin the game in the lavishly verdant Flower Kingdom. Hello Kitty Online‘s world is a 3D-rendered environment based on beautiful illustrations. The game interface is functional and stylish, and learning it requires only a few minutes.
Many Activities
Hello Kitty Online is not just about fighting monsters – there are many activities to choose from. Aside from the monster-filled adventure areas, players can dig for ore in a mine, or range the forests to pick fruit from trees. Farming allows you to plant, grow and harvest your own crops; be sure to take good care of your crops so you will have a good harvest, and if you have a healthy farm you can even show it off to your online friends! You can use many other skills like cooking, tailoring, making furniture, and building houses. Commerce with other players will allow you to earn Kitty Dollars to spend on your character!
Quest, improve your skills, and meet Sanrio characters
Accept and complete missions to improve your skills and gain experience points and other rewards. Hello Kitty Online includes your favorite Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, and many others. They will serve as non-player characters (NPCs) and country leaders, providing guidance and new missions.
Player Housing and Pets
You can own your own house and customize it in whatever manner you wish using furniture and decorations. Do you like animals? In Hello Kitty Online you can own a variety of pets. When certain monsters are defeated, they may drop “pet cards”, that once used will give the player that particular monster as a pet. As a special treat for players, some Sanrio characters may also eventually become your pets. Not only is it fun to watch pets follow you around, but they also come in handy in various ways (such as for item storage).
Game / Community Integration
What really sets Hello Kitty Online apart from other MMORPGs is the community and social functions. The game is entirely integrated with SanrioTown, the official online community for Sanrio fans. By right clicking on other characters in-game, you will be able to access their SanrioTown blogs and videos and send emails to them. You can play mini-games with other players for some casual fun, or even cooperate with friends from the same guild for heavier tasks such as building houses.
Endless Fun
Hello Kitty Online is still being worked on, but it already looks great. The visuals perfectly convey that familiar cartoon ambiance that Sanrio is known for, and the excellent audio is full of Hello Kitty songs and sound effects. This is a fun, light-hearted MMORPG that is guaranteed to provide cheerful entertainment.
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