Travel the World Event on Sanriotown!

traveltheworld.jpgWhat would be your ultimate vacation place? Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo? The Louvre Museum in Paris? Or is it Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast? No matter where it is, if you’ve been there, let us know your story and get the chance not only to be featured on Sanriotown’s first ever Travel the World Event and win incredible prizes!


Share your bits and pieces from your wonderful trip, from the yummy food you tasted, to the gadgets you bought, or nice scenery you saw. Submit pictures along with a description about the trip and share with everyone at Sanriotown!

One blogger will be chosen from the pool of articles every month and be featured on the official Travel the World blog as an official winner along with other prizes!

To know more about this awesome event, you can check out the blog by clicking here.

You will need a Sanriotown account with the blog service subscribed to in order to participate in this event, so if you haven’t done so – sign up and activate your blog service now!

Bon voyage!


“Love Is…” Valentine’s Video-Making Contest

“Love Is…” Dream Studio Valentine’s Video-making Contest

February is the month of hearts! We at Dream Studio’s Director’s Club want to highlight this special occasion, and we want you to be a part of it!

What Is Love?” Unleash your creativity and use pictures to tell us what love means to you. It does not need to be romantic love: you can also show your appreciation for your parents, your brothers and sisters, your pets, and just about anything and everything that has a special place in your heart.

“Love Is…” Rules

  1. Pictures should be personal and should clearly show what love means to you. Copyrighted images are not allowed.

  2. At least two Dream Studio effects should be incorporated in the video.

  3. Video entries should have a minimum of five slides. The video does not have to be Sanrio-themed.

  4. The use of background music is highly encouraged.

  5. E-mail the URL to the Director’s Club ( with the subject “DS Contest Entry: Love Is“. Only the videos that have been sent to this addressed will be recognized as official entries.

  6. Multiple entries are allowed.

  7. No offensive materials, violent and explicit/sexual content should be used.

  8. The competition timeline is between Feb 14 and Feb 29.

  9. SanrioTown reserves any rights to use the videos, in whole or in part.

“Love Is…” Winners

  1. The SanrioTown moderators will choose the top entries. Members could then vote for the videos they liked the best.

  2. Winners will be announced on on the Director’s Club official blog by the first week of March 2008.

  3. Winners will be notified by e-mail and the prize sent by courier.

“Love Is…” Prizes

Hello Kitty USB Stick

Grand Prize

  1. The grand prize winner will win this 1GB LIMITED EDITION Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick, a unique little gadget that’s just about the size of a paperclip! This is not available in stores, so this is truly a special prize for our winner exclusively from SanrioTown!

  2. The winner will also receive a Premium E-mail Account here in SanrioTown, where they will get twice the mail storage space, POP3 access and E-mail forwarding.

  3. The winning video will appear as the top Editor’s Pick for a week upon winning.

  4. A custom badge will be placed at the lower right corner of their winning video, indicating that it has won the grand prize for our contest.

First and Second Runners Up

  1. The first and second runners up will also receive one (1) Limited Edition Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick each.

  2. A custom badge will be placed at the lower right corner of their winning videos, indicating that they have also won the contest.

So what are you waiting for? Send us those videos and share with us your definition of love! If you have any questions, please email or check out the official forum thread!

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“A Dazzling Moment” Contest Officially Over!

SanrioTown’s “A Dazzling Moment” contest is officially over! That means you can no longer submit any last minute entries, and those that are saved with the tag “Dazzling Moment” after May 31, 2007 will not be considered eligible. We’d like to thank those who have participated in the contest. We are currently reviewing your lovely videos, and we will be announcing who won the prizes after we’ve had the chance to check all your creations, so do check out news about this.

Regularly check the official Dazzling Moment blog for information and announcements to know more about the goings-on of the contest.

Thanks again!

Play MaBellelife — "Love Berries" Puzzle Game and Win Amazing Jewelries!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, play games and win exciting prizes to express your boundless love now!

Sanriotown presents “Love Berries” Puzzle Game, an all-new Flash game proudly sponsored by Hong Kong’s renowned online fashion diamond jewelry store From now till May 23, 2007, top 25 players with the highest scores will win exciting prizes – include diamond jewelries and great coupons from MaBelleLife. Don’t miss the chance to reward yourself or pamper your loved one.


Play the game to win MaBelle /’s latest Mother’s Day “Love Berries” Diamond Jewelry Collection!

Wide selection of Mother’s Day Wallpapers available for download!

Download Wallpaper

We also provide a number of Mother’s day e-cards for you to express your love to your mom and your dearest friends. Send your message from the heart now!

Send e-card

You can read the Terms and Conditions of the contest by visiting this site.

"A Dazzling Moment" Video Competition – For Hello Kitty and Sanrio Fans!

It’s your time to shine! Share the most memorable moments of your life via SanrioTown‘s DreamStudio and get a chance to win a beautiful Diamond pendant courtesy of MaBellelife.


To join the competition, this is what you should do:

If you haven’t gotten a SanrioTown account yet, get one now!:D Log in to your account, and then click on the DreamStudio tab (they yellow one) once you’re in . Create your own special video there, making sure that you maximize the features of DreamStudio by including different text styles, background music, and other special effects. Remember to use the “Twinkle” screen effect when you make your video. After making your work of art, be sure to save it. You can use whatever title you want, as long as you include “dazzling moment” as one of the tags of your video.

Note: When you enter that in the Tags section, make sure that you enclose “dazzling moment” in double quotation marks, otherwise, it would not register in the system.

The criteria for judging the videos are the following:

Creativity. The features of DreamStudio should be maximized. Effects, styles, and music should be utilized to its maximum effect to form a cohesive video.

Mileage. Comment activity and users’ ratings are also taken into consideration in judging the videos. Look at it as “A Dazzling Moment’s” version of Audience Participation.:)

Overall Appeal. The effectiveness of the delivery of the message and its impact on viewers is also a factor in judging.

Aside from the grand prize of the diamond pendant from MaBelle Life, a Panasonic Video Digital Recorder VDR-D220 will be given for the winner of the Most Popular Award and a Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera DS-T10 Pink for the Judges’ Pick.

“A Dazzling Moment” contest will run from April 11 to May 11, 2007, so start making your videos now!

For the terms and conditions and other information of and about the competition, click here on the image above.