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SanrioTown Blog of the Week

SanrioTown’s getting a lot of mommy bloggers! This just shows that Hello Kitty and friends will always be appealing no matter what age! Ninaclaren’s “Growng Up with Kitty” blog has something for moms and Hello Kitty fans all over. Being a fan of the cute white feline since she was a little girl because of her mother, she has shared her love for Hello Kitty for her own daughter. Cute, eh?

She doesn’t just talk about Hello Kitty, though. She also features restaurants (complete with pictures of yummy food!), events, and significant events of her life, especially tales about being a mother to her two children, a boy and a girl, and stories about being a wife.

Growing Up with Kitty

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SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Gone are the days where fathers are distant to their kids, spending more time outside the house than with the children. Now, they are more pro-active in their role in the family in every sense, from having fun with them to helping them in school stuff. Such is the case of this blogger. All About Kyle” is made by a father and a husband (another male blogger here on SanrioTown!) Most of his entries are centered on his son, Jared Kyle, and the rest of his family, whom he is very close to. His entries are about being a father, a husband, and even as a son. His stories follow that theme, and his tone ranges from the humorous (such as the adventures he, his wife, and his son have) to the serious (what it’s like to be a family man).



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SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Take a look at this great example of a modern-day mommy!Mrs. Awesome Planet is called an “experimental” blog by its writer. She mostly talks about her adventures as a mother of her two young sons. She has shopping tips and suggestions for events for mommies and their kids, so this is something that women with children would definitely enjoy reading up on. She also has ideas for family vacations and activities that everyone would get to enjoy, from the daddy of the family to the young ones!

Mrs. Awesome Planet

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SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Who says guys and Sanrio don’t mix? Check out this week’s featured blog and discover that a rocker can actually have his blog here on SanrioTown! Typecats” is a blog written by a guy (yes, there are guys on SanrioTown), and his blog has entries that talk about virtually anything and everything under the sun! From sitcoms to cartoons to music  to anime to toys, even poetry to philosophy… This blog has these all and more! The content and tone of the entries are just as varied: ranging from humorous to sarcastic to philosophical, you could pick up a lot of stuff in just a single journal.


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Blog of the Week!

This week’s featured blogger really bring her love for Sanrio in a creative level! lilah, author of “hello earth” shows that she can be productive while retaining her love for Hello Kitty – and she’s got the pictures to prove this.

hello world

What gives the blog that special quality would be the pictures she includes in her entries. All of these are really cute images that showcase her interests, including items from her Sanrio collection to cookies she’s baked that were shaped like Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. One can’t help but smile at the cuteness in the blog.

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SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Anime and manga fans will surely love this week’s featured blog, not only because the blogger is a fellow fan of the culture, but she’s actually an honest-to-goodness anime artist herself.

neko’s dream is a blog made by nekoyume to document her journey in making her own manga, called “Dream of Wings.” What makes her blog cool is that she documents how she sketches some of her characters, so those who want to be artists themselves can pick up tips from her.

Neko's Dream

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