Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Warning: Those who are trying to lose a few pounds from the weight they gained during the holidays should not watch this week’s video, because they will surely mess up their diet.:P For those who have self-confessed sweet tooths however, this video will be quite a treat!

pinkchocolatelovers!!!“, made by pinkkitt7, is filled with sweet treats: feast your eyes on chocolates, muffins, cakes, and strawberries galore! Each picture seems to be more tempting than the last, and it will surely make your mouth water while watching the video – and maybe even make you rush to the closest bakeshop to get a slice of chocolate cake.

To view the video, please go to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/2f98ccf74d698a8d.


Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Who doesn’t love babies? Just about everybody loves the cute little ones. Add Hello Kitty to the picture, and you have something that’s absolutely irresistible.
This is exactly what mickey1928 had in mind when she made her video, “Baby Pictures“. Wee versions of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel welcome you on the first slide, and this is followed by some of the most adorable pictures of tots that you could see.

Check out these pictures by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/31dd3b21f93a484b.

Little Twin Stars Winter Items

Little Twin Stars Hello Kitty’s not the only one having winter and holiday fever, the Little Twin Stars are in on the fun too!

Little Twin Stars Mini-Christmas Tree 

Sanrio Japan has released a winter line devoted to our favorite twins from outer space, Kiki and Lala, better known as the Little Twin Stars. There are a lot of items to choose from: from Christmas decors to mobile phone accessories, from writing tools (pens, notebooks, and different kinds

Little Twin Stars Decor

of stationery) and clothing and accessories (slippers, dresses, nightwear, towels, etc.), to bags and mugs, and from plushes and pillows.  Of course, all of these have the twins set in a winter environ on these.

To check these items out, you can visit Sanrio Japan’s list of these items by going to


All About: KappaRumba

Year Created: 1988

Real Name: Rupapa

Residence: RunRun Island

Talk about a water fan! Rupapa is a kappa, a Japanese river sprite who is naturally good in every kind of water sport. While he is from a river, he also loves hanging out at the beach, spending his afternoons there to nap. He loves snacking on his favorite food, freshly-picked fruit.

Dream Studio Video of the Week!

Our chosen video this week not only is cute, but is also for a good cause. Baby Seal Pics, made by mickey1928, shows exactly that: pups in different and various poses in their natural snowy surroundings all looking really adorable. The creator of the video, however, asks people to help preserve these, maybe because they’re being hunted for commercial purposes.

To check out the video, please visit  http://video.sanriotown.com/video/456d4146baad8a60.

SanrioTown Blog of the Week!

Who doesn’t love random things to perk their day up? Virtual Rain definitely does, and we picked her blog because visiting her blog makes us chuckle just about every time.

Virtual Rain

V i R t U a L r A i Nis a blog that its creator/owner proudly describes as “about everything and nothing… random, light, and fun,” and it delivers just that. All its entries are humorous, and the topics varied: weird street signs, ads, and warning labels,  strange items, and peculiar (if not downright disturbing) signs and pictures. It’s a smorgasboard of all that is random, and it’s really great fun to see and read.

 Maybe that’s the reason why the blog’s icon is an umbrella: because it covers just about any topic that’s under the sun… or rain.:P

To check this blog out, visit http://blog.sanriotown.com/virtualrain:kuririnmail.com/.